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Angelica Marquez, better known as Angy, is an adventurous young girl who is proud of her Mexican roots. Born and raised in Passaic, New Jersey, she grew up in an urban town surrounded by loving people.


At a very young age, Angy demonstrated her passion for music and her potential in the performing arts. She aspired to grow up and become a professional dancer in New York.


In 2010, her family decided to move to the state of Georgia. Little did she know that God was taking her to a place where He would plant His dreams in her heart, a place where she would discover her purpose.

Angy had learned about God, but she had never personally encountered Him. She had heard that Jesus loved her, but she didn't understand how or why. It wasn't until she started reading the Bible on her own and pursuing a personal relationship with Jesus that she discovered the Truth. At the age of 13, she was approached by a Pastor's wife one day. This woman looked at her straight in the eye and she began to tell her all the plans God had for her life, leaving Angy in astonishment and in hopeful tears. She had never met this woman before! How in the world could this woman of God know so much about Angy's future?

This was the beginning of many encounters where God spoke to her through different people, revealing to her that she would serve God in a way that she never imagined. This is how she discovered that Jesus truly loved her. He had died for her on the cross so that she could live. He had resurrected on the third day to show her that He has the power to make all things new. Still, Jesus was pursuing her in the same way He pursues you. 

Trusting God's promises, she believed with all her heart that giving her life to Jesus would be the best decision she could ever make, and it was. Currently, Angy is a high school teacher, serving in the U.S. Army, and using her talents to glorify God just like He said she would.


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