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  • Angelica Marquez

Hi Confidence, Where Have You Been?

Four months ago, I was very confident about a lot of things. I was certain I would travel to Peru in March for a mission trip. I was certain I would travel to Germany in May to support an Army mission for two weeks. I was certain about new music projects I planned to release with some musicians I had gotten in contact with. This was certainly God’s plan for me. Right? I mean, why wouldn’t He want me to do all these things that pleased Him? He knew I had waited many years for these opportunities!

The COVID-19 pandemic hit and ya already know what happened. Yes. All my plans went straight to the trash! Haha, just kidding. Not literally. But for real. At the beginning, I certainly was not enjoying the drastic change as much as He was. After living on campus for two years, my rhythm changed from the moment I was instructed to leave the dorm. In my attempt to complete all my extensive school assignments online, to improve my cooking skills, and to adapt to a forgotten lifestyle in my parents’ home during quarantine, I soon became upset by the things I felt like God had taken away from me… including my confidence.

Yet, I now realize that God may have removed certain activities in our lives to show us that our worth does not come from the activities we do. Sometimes, we place our confidence on things that could change in the blink of an eye. Our value does not come from traveling, being heavily involved at work or at church, or volunteering for a hundred different things. We are valuable to God no matter what! I don’t really know what quarantine looked like for you, but I do pray that as you gradually return to your daily routine, that you would identify God’s voice in the midst of confusing times and give thanks for the lessons learned. May your confidence--and mine as well--be placed in Him, because He never fails. He never changes.

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