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  • Angelica Marquez

The Most Important Decision of Your Life

If today were your last day on earth and you had to make a decision, what would be the most important decision for you?

I would like for you to think about all the life lessons you learned during your childhood. When you were born, you didn't know how to do the right thing. Your parents, family members, teachers, the people that raised you... they taught you right from wrong. They taught you that lying, talking back, stealing, and disobedience in general will surely bring you negative consequences. Why? Truth is, we are all born with the tendency to do the wrong thing. This is called sin. Sin is doing something that is against God's will. BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS!

There is someone who gave His life on the cross to give you salvation. Jesus died on the cross for you so your sins could be forgiven, to save you from eternal death and offer you eternal life! Therefore, the most important decision of your life is not to build a house or to attend college. The most important decision of your life is not to be successful in this world. BELIEVING what Jesus Christ did for you on the cross and GIVING your life to Him is the most important decision of your life.

You alone cannot save yourself. Salvation does not come from doing good works or good deeds such as donating to a thousand charities, feeding the poor, attending a church service every now and then, or occasionally reading the Bible. The only One that has the power to save you is Jesus. Also, just because your friends, your parents, or your family members are saved, it does not mean that you are as well. Salvation is a personal thing :)

If you wish to make this decision today or you desire to reconcile with God because you know about Him but you have been distant from Him and living in sin, I invite you to say this prayer wholeheartedly.

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for this day. Thank you for thinking about me and for coming to my encounter. Jesus, I believe that You died on the cross for me so that today my sins can be forgiven. I believe You resurrected on the third day to give me eternal life. I recognize that I have disobeyed You. Please forgive me for sinning against You. You know my heart and how much I need Your love. I have done what is incorrect. I have made many mistakes and I have suffered the consequences of my wrong decisions. I receive You as my Lord and Savior and I reconcile with You now if I have drifted away from You. My life is Yours now and forever. Make me new. In the name of Jesus, amen!

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