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  • Angelica Marquez

Tired, Exhausted, & Overwhelmed

As a college student, I know what it is to be tired, exhausted, and overwhelmed.

We have a lot going on. School, work, family, church activities, relationships, friend outings, meetings, sports, rehearsals. I mean, it’s a pretty long list! When we feel tired, exhausted, and overwhelmed, it is appropriate to come to God exactly the way we feel. There is nothing wrong with feeling this way, but when we feel tired more often than we should, it becomes a problem. Friends, we cannot afford to live tired, exhausted, and overwhelmed ALL OF THE TIME!

Ecclesiastes 4:6 tells us, "Better is one handful with tranquility than two handfuls with toil and chasing after the wind." Chasing after the wind is chasing after the things of this world. We will always want more and there will always be something to do every day. When we do so much that we don't even have time or the willingness to enjoy God's presence, it becomes harder to maintain a strong relationship with Him. Trust me, I'm totally preaching to myself right now as I write this.

It is better to readjust certain things in our lives even if it means doing less activities in order to enjoy God's presence more fully. Remember, it is not about how much we do, but how much we enjoy God's presence in all we do!

Love you!

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