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  • Angelica Marquez

You Are Loved!

Do you think that no one could possibly love you, give you all the attention you desire, and show you faithfulness? As human beings, we were created to give and receive affection. God sent his Son, Jesus, so that we could learn to love like Him. In fact, Jesus came to earth in the form of a human being to set the example for us. Jesus had never committed a sin. He had never done anything wrong. The Bible tells us that Jesus healed the sick. He gave sight to the blind and performed numerous miracles. But you know what is the most amazing thing He did? He voluntarily gave His life on the cross because HE LOVES YOU since the beginning of time! Jesus carried all your sins, all your mistakes, and all your imperfections on His shoulders. So, are you loved? Of course you are my friend! Jesus loves you more than you could possibly imagine! Don't you ever forget... Jesus would do anything for you. He accepted humiliation, died on the cross for you, and He defeated death by resurrecting on the third day. That's powerful love! Now, Jesus will not force you to love Him. He doesn't work that way. He offers His love as a gift. Accept His love and the gift is yours!

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